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Scavenger Hunt

Boston Adventures Philanthropy Scavenger Hunt

One of our most popular hunts. Helping Others and Feeling Good

Boston Adventures Philanthropy Scavenger Hunt has the perfect event to show your appreciation and huge compassion for others this year. Event includes customized tasks to perform in 90-minutes to 2-hours, while interacting with colleagues, locals and sometimes complete strangers. You’ll enjoy taking fun photographs, solving CLUES, collecting items to donate, team trivia, as well as contributing to others in need and sharing some goodwill, that makes you and your team feel really great! Re-invest your time and effort into building a positive constructive experience, while doing something totally random at times that you and the team can really be proud of.


PLUS, You’ll get to see the city in a fun way, and a day that you and your team will always remember.

Minimum group size is 10. Large groups can be accommodated. Please call or email!

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