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Boston Adventures' Testimonials

Sharon, Executive Administrative Assistant

"Our group had a blast yesterday!! Even at this moment I’m hearing people talk about it to other colleagues who couldn’t attend, telling them how fun it was and how much they missed a great time! I’ve also heard teams talking to each other on what their strategies were and what places they went to! Team # 4 has displayed their trophy for all to see!!! I can’t wait to get the picture CD to show everyone!!
Thank you again for a great day!! We’ll keep you in mind for next time and I’ll be sure to tell other Admins on-site!!"


"It was interesting because the way the teams were split up we were in different roles than normally…so the junior person on the team was telling people what to do."


"I get the greatest joy just seeing co-workers unwind, get to know each other and have a good time outside their offices.
We have research that shows two attributes identifying good leadership- creating structure and taking care of people. The good leader had both sets of skills.
Having fun at work is like going to recess at school. You like it. It’s an emotional release and you come back to the workplace a little more energized, more relaxed.
In any case, you’re in a better frame of mind to do work.

United Technologies

"Thanks! Everyone said they had a great time and really enjoyed the mix of questions. One person mentioned that it was the first time he had ever been on a scavenger hunt and he thought it was a great idea. We split the teams up to ensure no internal hires were on the same team and split up the international associates and they said they were so happy with how well they worked together."

 Knapp, Schenck & Company Insurance

"This was a blast from start to finish. Eric was extremely upbeat and provided an atmosphere of fun and good-natured bantering. We had no idea what to expect….it was much fun and would recommend it to groups of any size. We had approx. 25 people, cut into teams, and are still displaying our trophies and blue ribbons. Do it – you won’t regret it"

Harwich Elementary Cape Cod

"Hey Eric!
Super day in Boston! Kids LOVED it, thanks so much."

Senior Category Manager Novartis (NIBRI)

"Hi Eric,
That was fun! Everyone had a great time. Thanks for making it such a memorable event, the Europeans loved it!"

Marilyn – Administration Anthem
Blue Cross & Blue Sheild

"Everyone had a fantastic time! I never saw so many people smiling ear to ear at one time. People are still talking about the wonderful team building experience! Thank you again for all your help, and for making it a successful event for our teams! It was a pleasure working with you."

Lisa FTG Finance | Decision Support

"Hello Eric,
Yesterday’s Scavenger hunt was a big hit, so much so that people are interested in a bit more information about how the teams stacked up etc. As I mentioned yesterday was a great day and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the experience and people were happy with the experience! Thank you for helping us facilitate a fun teambuilding day, I’m sure we’ll continue to remember the scavenger hunt for months & years to come.
Thank you,"

Cisco Systems

"Fantastic job, by you and Boston Adventures. I’d never taken part in a scavenger hunt before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a BLAST! Fun, exciting, and occasionally silly…I’d love to do one of these every year! Thanks for making it happen!"

Michele, Career Research

"Dear Boston Adventures,
Thank you so much for your efforts yesterday, the general concensus is that EVERYONE had a FABULOUS time. Thanks again for all you did to make this a great event."

Donelle, Human Resources
Brigham & Woman's

"Hi Eric,
Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday! The entire group had such a great time and people are still talking about their experiences. I have to say, the hunt certainly allowed us to explore Boston in depth and really get to work with one another collectively and increase our teambuilding skills. Thank you for the great organization of the event. We look forward to seeing the pictures!"

Michelle, Children’s Center Staff
Textron Systems

"Hi Boston Adventures,
We had a blast! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The pictures are great. We’re in the process of putting together a poster board with our Polaroid (pictures) and findings!"

Donna, Corporate Real Estate
Liberty Mutual

I received the pictures! They’re great…thank you. We have put them on our Corporate Real Estate server for everyone to see. Everyone I have spoken to enjoyed the day very much! We spent a lot of time looking at each others pictures that were taken with the cameras from your company and enjoyed many laughs. Again, thank you for a great Scavenger Hunt thru Boston."

Ruth, Research Department
Boston Scientific

"Hi Eric,
I was out yesterday so I am just getting your email today. Everyone had a great time! Our “best teambuilding event yet” I was told by many. Thanks so much for organizing it. You did a great job. I just received the pictures from our event. Thanks so much for sending them. They are great. We all just sat around looking at them and the big guys couldn’t say enough about you and Boston Adventures. I’m sure we’ll be planning something real soon."

Greg, Analyst – Structured Products
State Street Global Markets, LLC

"Dear Boston Adventures,
Just wanted to say that the scavenger hunt was a good time – everyone had a lot of fun doing it, and the boat was a blast! No complaints on this end – everyone had a great time and things went smoothly"

Mike C., Center Leader

"Dear Boston Adventures,
Thanks again for a great team building experience. I have received nothing but positive feedback from the Ahold folks! I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for future opportunities! "

Donna Parchesky, Regional Marketing Analyst
Allied Domecq QSR

"Dear Boston Adventures,
Everyone here at ADQSR (Dunkin Donuts) had a blast during our scavenger hunt!! It was a good way to incorporate team building while having tons of fun. It was nice that you incorporated so many DD specific items on our list! If only we found more VW Bugs!! Yes, we are a competitive crew … but it’s all in good fun. I would definitely recommend this event to other departments and/or companies as a unique and fun experience and I know that my colleagues would as well! It was a tremendous day had by all!
Thanks for everything and I can’t wait to see those lovely candids you snapped!!"

Kessler Financial

"Thank you again for getting all of those prizes for us!!! That was an awesome thing you did for our group!! Thanks again. "

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