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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign up for a scavenger hunt, it sounds like a lot of fun?

By Calling our 800 number and speaking with someone or via email. We will get back to you within 24 hours. We also have a convenient booking form on the website for anyone looking to include questions about events.

How long have you been doing scavenger hunts?
For more than 10 years, and we have worked all size companies, private groups and families as well as schools. Everyone always has a great time and it’s an excellent value and a great learning experience.

What does it cost?
All of our events are customized to the client specification, therefore a quote for your event depends on the type of customization and where the event is being held. We can work with all budgets.

Does this include food?
Usually not, we can price out a package deal for you or let you make the restaurant reservation and work with their dining room manager.

Do you do catering or provide Box Lunches?

Do you have events on the weekends?
Yes, that can be arranged in advance by calling ahead.

Do you travel to other cities?
Yes, all the time. We like the West Coast, South Florida, Washington and Philadelphia as well as Boston and will travel overseas, too.

Which scavenger hunt is the most fun?
They are all fun and we customize the event to your specifications, group size and location, too.

What do you do after the scavenger hunt, can we combine food, drinks or the like?
We would have an awards ceremony and people can celebrate at a local restaurant, at a meeting place such as a hotel or office, in a park, on a yacht or sailboat, on an island. It’s all up to you.

Do you provide transportation?
YES, all types in any city.

Once we decide it’s a go, do we sign a contract?
YES, we fax you a contract or email one to you, a credit card is required to hold the date and process the reservation at the time of booking.

Do you hold dates?
YES, we would need to have a contract or a payment to hold the date.

Do we make a deposit or pay the total balance all at once?
Events are usually paid in full in advance, we can work with a 50% deposit to hold the date. The final due would be some time after the deposit has been received. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Do you take checks or is it just credit cards?
Yes, we can accept checks or credit cards are the quickest way to expedite the booking.

Do you have any sample questions for the scavenger hunt?
We do not give out any specific information about the scavenger hunt until a contract has been signed and a deposit received.

Is this a race or do we need to run?
No running. We like to see people enjoy the scavenger hunt at a pace that is comfortable for them. We do have a start and finish and the time the teams check in is recorded. If you are looking to race, can limit the time and distance or make the event more challenging.

How long are the scavenger hunts?
The scavenger hunt can be enjoyed from 90-minutes to 3 hours from start to finish. We can customize the scavenger hunt around your schedule, a meeting location, your overall itinerary, and timing of activities.

What is the distance of the scavenger hunt?
Each scavenger hunt is different, and people can go about it any way they like. There is no set course, usually the scavenger hunt involves walking and 2 miles in 2 hours is one way to look at it. It depends on which direction the teams decide to go at the start. If in limousines, could be 5-10 miles, just depends on certain criteria and external factors.

Do you provide maps?
YES we do.

What else is included?
Team lists, team tote bags, pens and the instructions.

Are there prizes at the finish?
YES. Engraved medals and colored ribbons. Additional prizes can be included.

Do we get to see the pictures?
YES, We will provide you with a souvenir USB with all of the team pictures from the event. A slide show can be added for an additional fee. That’s always a nice way to wrap up an exciting team outing along with some friendly commentary at the end.

What do you do if it rains?
We go rain or shine or can offer you another date, in the event the event is postponed, there are certain conditions to cancelling or choosing to not go on the date scheduled. We can provide ponchos, in the event that it is really wet and windy, we would call you to make sure that the event could take place under better conditions.

We do not offer refunds, however we will make every effort to reschedule your event on a mutually amicable date. The deposit or payments will be forfeited if you cancel without proper notice. Especially if there are tickets, limousines, boats, restaurants and the like involved. We usually go rain or shine and make the best of the event.

Thanks for choosing Boston Adventures. Our scavenger hunts are amazing. They can also be packaged with sailing, wedding parties, special events, functions, meetings and family reunions.

We look forward speaking with you.

Boston Adventures

Knapp, Schenck & Company Insurance

"This was a blast from start to finish. Eric was extremely upbeat and provided an atmosphere of fun and good-natured bantering. We had no idea what to expect….it was much fun and would recommend it to groups of any size. We had approx. 25 people, cut into teams, and are still displaying our trophies and blue ribbons. Do it – you won’t regret it."

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