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Featured Location: Rhode Island

Block Island

Our scavenger hunt and team building exercises let you explore Rhode Island's own Island Getaway!

Block Island is just south of mainland Rhode Island. Its 1800s red-brick Southeast Lighthouse sits atop the dramatic clay cliffs of Mohegan Bluffs, with a rocky beach below. Sandy beaches include popular Crescent Beach, on the east coast. The island’s northern tip features North Lighthouse, built in 1867, and Sachem Pond, home to gulls and swallows. Migratory songbirds visit the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge


Explore Block Island this summer with your team on a super-fun scavenger hunt! We can combine with lunch or dinner or bring box lunches on the boat. The Block Island Scavenger Hunt takes you to see cool seascapes, grasslands and more. Learn local history and much more!

Minimum group size is 10. Large groups can be accommodated. Please call or email​!

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