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Corporate Team Building Done Right!

Corporate team building is our specialty! Experience the power of team cooperation, collaboration and communication with Boston Adventures. Our fully-customizable corporate team building scavenger hunts strengthen bonds, and allow for everyone to compete on a level playing field and interact together, face-to-face in a very special way. We’ll create an amazing event that captures your entire team having incredible fun together. Plus, your CEO, out-of-towner guests and employees will be raving about your quality time spent together for a very long time, guaranteed!

Encouraging Leadership - Corporate Team Building


Supporting Colaboration - Corporate Team Building


Learning Step-By-Step - Corporate Team Building


Fostering Innovation - Corporate Team Building


Integrating All Points of View - Corporate Team Building

Integrating All
Points of View

Encouraging Strengths - Corporate Team Building


Interacting 'Face-to-Face' - Corporate Team Building


Identifying Team Goals - Corporate Team Building

Identifying Team Goals

Healthy Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunt Fenway Park Boston Red Sox

Identifying Team Goals

Get ready for the most exciting corporate team building event as you join Boston Adventures to help you integrate “getting-out-of-the-office” with great teamwork, having amazing fun together and “thinking outside the box!” The results are priceless: You’ll bond, build trust, communicate, collaborate and interact in new ways and generate camaraderie within your organization! Contact us today to discuss which exciting Boston Adventures package is perfect for your team. We look forward to speaking with you!

Corporate Team Building Colaboratiion Scavenger Hunt Boston Common

Connect in new and exciting ways. We’ll help you reach a healthy balance of competition and cooperation together, while building trust, confidence, and encouraging one another. Establish your team’s game winning strategy from the start by sharing a common goal and vision. At the finish, Boston Adventures will recognize everyone for their valuable contribution and present everyone with prizes. It’s a highly rewarding experience that everyone personally gains from and increases your productivity in the workplace.

Corporate Team Building Goals Scavenger Hunt Fenway Park Boston Red Sox

Supporting Team Colaboration

Your customized corporate team building event STARTS with supporting “team collaboration” at every step! Enjoy interacting and collaborating in healthy new ways, while having great fun together. At the FINISH, you’ll share great stories and laughs, while we recognize and show appreciation to your global teams for their excellent teamwork. Event includes golden trophies, engraved medals and/or colored ribbons for everyone. Get ready for an amazing time together by giving Boston Adventures a call now!

About Us

Boston Adventures Scavenger Hunt  Founders

Hackman protégé Erin Lehman – Carter, who in a study concluded that the Berlin Philharmonic offers a “near-ideal example of a self-governing organization,” believes that while a musician-run orchestra is not necessarily a harbinger of success, its commitment to engaging all employees from the CEO down to the janitor is a critical point in its organizational and social psychology. “It makes a difference when everyone is pulling in the same direction,” she said. “If you believe in adaptivity, which is another word for ‘entrepreneurial,’ you use the resources you have to adapt to the situation at hand. We see that in the information age, with so many educated people, organizational behavior is using the brain power and not just the hands of the worker — engaging the entire person and not just slotting them into a single role.

Our Corporate Team Building Clients

Boston Adventures Scavenger Clients

Healthy Corporate Team Building


American Express New York City

"Thank you so much for your great preparation, enthusiasm and creativity with the NYC Scavenger Hunt. I personally had a fabulous time and have received great feedback from the Team. Specifically, the diversity of your clues, different levels of difficulty, embedded trivia and fun things to get pictures of resulted in a great time for all.
Also, I appreciate all the back and forth prior to the event and your preparedness on the morning of the scavenger hunt. I definitely hope to work with you again in the future and will pass your name on to others."

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