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"Experience Face-to-Face Interaction with
Boston Adventures Scavenger Hunts!"

Enjoy your time together exploring Boston's Super-Fun historical sights and attractions, while strengthening & building your teams' Communication, Interaction, Motivational Skills and Team Spirit!

Experience The Ultimate Team Building Scavenger Hunts!

Customized Adventures in Over
20 Locations Worldwide!

Boston Adventures Atlanta Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures London Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Newport Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Rome Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Baltimore Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Los Angeles Scavenger Hunt

Los Angeles

Boston Adventures New York Scavenger Hunt

New York

Boston Adventures Historic Salem Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Block Island Scavenger Hunt

Block Island

Boston Adventures Miami Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Paris Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Historic St. Augustine Scavenger Hunt

St. Augustine

Boston Adventures Key West Scavenger Hunt

Key West

Boston Adventures Montreal Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Plymouth Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Historic Tokyo Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

Las Vegas

Boston Adventures Nantucket Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Providence Scavenger Hunt


Boston Adventures Washington DC Scavenger Hunt

Washington, DC

Boston Adventures Scavenger Hunt  Founders

Thanks for choosing BOSTON ADVENTURES! We specialize in high quality customized team building scavenger hunt activities for corporate and school groups that are truly amazing. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide the perfect activity for your group. “Get-to-know” your colleagues better, bond together, interact face-to-face while learning something new about each other and much, much more! We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Our Clients

Boston Adventures Scavenger Hunt Clients

Marilyn – Administration Anthem
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts

"Everyone had a fantastic time! I never saw so many people smiling ear to ear at one time. People are still talking about the wonderful team building experience! Thank you again for all your help, and for making it a successful event for our teams! It was a pleasure working with you."

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